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Identity management, more than just credit monitoring.

When we are born personal information begins to be associated with us and as we grow our information "identity" becomes intertwined with every step in our life. Many of us are very careful in what we share with others but still, without us knowing, it seems our information can get compromised.

Be proactive and protect your identity...

Living our lives means that we are interacting with people, companies and organizations every day whether it is online or face-to-face. Who is managing our personal information throughout these four major categories?

Credit monitoring is just the beginning.

Credit monitoring services alert us after a credit event occurs (e.g. a new credit application has been added to our credit file). But the credit alert is often the last filter to catch fraudulent activity. Credit monitoring is important, but it’s just one step in the identity management process.

Key personal information and credentials can be used to take over your Identity.

What makes up our identity?

Every year of life we keep adding more personal information to our identity thumbprint. Some of this information is tied to our credit file but non-credit information can also be used to assume our identity. Having earlier visibility is ideal in the event our identity is compromised so we can react and take action, before it hits our credit file.

Be more free to enjoy social networks.

Often times, we add personal information to our social network accounts not thinking of who else besides our friends might see this information – things like celebrating a birthday or moving into a new house or even a pet’s name can help a criminal create a profile with your information.

Legal records are public records.

Why is it important to monitor legal records?

We need to know if criminals are falsely using our credentials in the legal system. Court Record Monitoring will alert you if your identity is found in the court system.

We can help manage your identity.

Each AmTrust Identity Management package provides credit, identity and restoration services to help you alleviate life’s stresses and live life more confidently!

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* Our monitorning sources are not comprehensive. Some records, transactions, and websites are not monitored by our services for possible misuse of your information. If we find your information in our monitoring, however, we will alert you.

This product is not currently offered in Texas or New York.

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